Location Matters - Things to consider before you book a hotel in Delhi

When you are travelling to a metro city, it's always a chore to book your hotels in advance. But before you go rate shopping on an OTA for your next business stay in Delhi, there are a few things you should take note of. First, the location of your hotel matters when it comes to utilising your time in the city. A hotel that offers easy connectivity to your workplace will reduce the stress of travelling to and fro in the traffic. You will also save time, be more productive at work and get more time to relax and enjoy after workday is over.

And, when you are booking a business hotel in Delhi, it is always a good idea to book directly from a hotel's website. The advantages of making a direct booking are numerous, number one, you can learn more about the amenities and services offered by the hotel from an official channel rather than an OTA partner (which may or may not list all available options). Number two, the booking you make is confirmed by the hotel itself, hence there is very little possibility of any last minute cancellation or denial of service from the hotel's end. Finally, you get to know about any additional promotions (seasonal discounts, F&B discounts, complimentary services etc.) running at the hotel, giving you additional rate/cost benefit for your stay.

Emblem Hotel, New Friends Colony, New Delhi Delhi Emblem Hotel New Friends Colony New Delhi

So, when you plan your next stay in Delhi, make sure to do some checks before booking a hotel and experience for yourself the added benefits and convenience of a sensible hotel booking.