In town for business? Beating the Delhi heat

Summers are in full swing and beating the heat of Delhi is nigh on impossible without staying indoors. Alas! You have to step out when it's time for business. Here are a few tips to beat the Delhi heat.

Emblem Hotels Delhi dpeudd

Select your stay wisely

Make sure that the place you are planning to stay at is centrally located so you can quickly switch destination without having to worry about traffic. Emblem Hotels in Delhi and Gurugram are centrally located near major commercial and leisure hubs of Delhi.

Location of event venues

If your business is hosting an event or meeting, book your convention centre wisely. Enquire about air conditioning and ventilation provisions at the hotel or it might get stuffy once people start arriving. Emblem Hotels have one of the best banquet hall facility in New Friends Colony and nearby areas.

Stay hydrated

Delhi has adapted itself for countering summer heatwaves with water vendors and desi smoothies on offer almost at every corner. If start feeling drowsy when out on a blazing afternoon, pay heed have one of the many watery refreshments available.

Locate your exits

If you are out on a trip and fear getting stuck in traffic, use Google Maps to locate alternative routes to avoid the rush hours. You can save both on health and fuel by keeping an eye out on live traffic updates. Delhi's FM radio stations also keep providing hourly traffic updates, so keep your ears alert as well.

Work from your hotel room

If your work requires constant connectivity, select a business hotel in Delhi for your stay. Emblem Hotel in New Friends Colony provides 24 hour high speed internet connectivity to maximise your productivity. Stay in the loop without stepping out in the sun.

With these tips you can surely have a pleasanter time in the Capital city and avoid the hassle and heat on your business trips to Delhi.