Eco-friendly Services at Emblem Hotel - Best Hotel in New Delhi

At Emblem Hotel, NFC, New Delhi, we believe in ‘caring for you and the earth’. The hotel is unique amongst others in New Delhi as it is committed to a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

We are eco-sensitive and socially responsible and follow measures of energy conservation, responsible waste management as well as control of water, noise and environmental pollution.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, then rest assured your stay at Emblem Hotels will place a minimum strain on the planet’s resources. 

Here are few eco-friendly practices we have implemented to help Mother Nature.

Operational Practises

Reusable cloth laundry bags are used instead of the standard paper or plastic bags.

Recycled Garbage Bags
The garbage bags used by us are made from recycled plastic and milk pouches.

Dnd, Make Up Room & Laundry Sign
The DND, MAKE UP ROOM and LAUNDRY signs outside the door reduce the waste that would have been otherwise generated by having these signs made from paper.

Water Flask & Glasses
The water flask in the guestrooms are left empty, which are then filled after inquiring about the preference of the guest.

Anti Cockroach Herbal Treatment
This medicine is in the form of a paste and it is applied to all nooks and corners in the form of small globules in the premises, which is to be treated. This herbal paste contains extracts from herbs and the treatment is radically different from the conventional spray treatment. By using this technique there are no health hazards, as there is no use of any poisonous chemicals. No cleaning is required after the treatment is done and hence there is no wastage of water, detergents etc.

Cloth Mats
In order to reduce the waste generated by our hotel we use cloth mats instead of paper ones.

Energy Conservation

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology for air-conditioning
The VRV air-conditioners are 30% more efficient and provide superior comfort

CFL Lighting
The CFL bulbs provide just as much light as a conventional bulb yet consume far less energy

Key Tag System
The key tag system helps conserve energy in unoccupied rooms.

Natural Lighting
Reduces power consumption dramatically

LT Voltage Stabilizer for Energy Saving
Prevents damage to equipment due to sudden power fluctuations

Waste Management

Sewage Treatment
Prevents pollution

Noise Pollution Management

Double Glazed Vacuum Sealed Windows
Reduces external noise level below 50 decibels

Noiseless Generators
Acoustically insulated, the sound level is dampened to a minimal level